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Look: The Biggest Flower in the World Found in Indonesia

The biggest flower in the world is Rafflesia Tuan-Mudae. You can find these unique beauties in Indonesia. It won’t be the flower with the nicest smell hence its other name, “c0rp$e flower”. It is a gigantic flower but has smaller sub-varieties. Some of those are abundant in the Philippines and the name is Rafflesia Manillana. It is the smallest of its kind. This giant flower can grow up to 111 centimeters or 3.6 feet. It’s considered the biggest in the world.

Its appearance is different from the usual favorites, roses, and tulips. Sometimes, you can mistake it for an “alien flower”. But what is unique about it is its smell. Its smell resembles a “d3ad flower”. The flower imitates the smell of “rotten flowers” to attract flies (langaw). Bees don’t come near these flowers. As we all know, bees like fresh flowers for their saps. This one found in Indonesia is the biggest so far. The last one’s measurement is only 107 centimeters. Environmentalists call the flower a “parasitic bloom” because it doesn’t have leaves or roots. It depends on a vine called “Tetrastigma”.

So, where did its name come from? The name came from Stamford Raffles. He was a colonialist and discovered the flower in the 19th century. The species is abundant in Southeast Asia. It is the only part of the world where you can find it and this includes the Philippines. You can find 10 kinds of it in the country.

The Philippines enlisted the flower under endangered species. It protects these species with the help of Protected Areas and Wildlife under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. These big species are also present in the Philippine ecosystem. The biggest species recorded is a 100-centimeter Rafflesia flower. These flowers are in Mindanao. The smaller ones are in the Luzon ecosystems.

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