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Look: Traditional Games Introduced to Kids in Leyte – Gadgets Banned

The kids of today have become so dependent on gadgets and addicted to social media and mobile games. They are happier being alone as long as they have their gadgets with them so they can play their mobile games. They prefer this than going outside and play with their neighbors. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the kids of today are so different than their counterparts in the past decades.

These habits can give negative effects on the mindset of kids. For one, they have become so dependent on the net even in their assignments, reports, and research works. Instead of doing it on their own and researching a bit, they simply have to “google” them and their assignments are done. Unlike in the past when assignments were sort of a way to study too, children nowadays have relieved themselves of that “duty” so to speak. Another negative effect of their addiction to gadgets is enjoying being by themselves resulting in being unable to know how to mingle with other kids/people. This has also resulted in having an attitude of being withdrawn which might bring a mental disorder in the future.

The officials of a school in Leyte have noticed this and to save the kids from their addiction, they have banned gadgets school hours. According to The Pastor Administrator of Doane School, Joshua Caleb Hocson, they have consulted both the parents and teachers before they implemented the ban. This is also because they have noticed that the children were not participating in school events anymore but are simply busy playing mobile games. Because of this, he decided to call for a PTA meeting to discuss this matter and even the parents told him that when the kids are at home, they are also busy on their gadgets.

The ban was implemented since February upon the approval of the parents. The ban had been implemented in the Doane Schools in Leyte and in Doane Christian Academy in Palompon. It was also implemented in the Doane Baptist School in Isabel. The punishment will be an hour of school work but the gadgets will not be confiscated though. In line with this ban, the kids are encouraged to play traditional games with their friends and classmates in school. There was a positive response among the kids and they are now spending time in the library and have been playing chess, basketball, and even the traditional Filipino games like piko, Chinese garter, taguan, and langit-lupa.


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