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Netizens Wowed as Winwyn Marquez Has Signed Up to Become a Philippine Navy Reservist

Winwyn Marquez is inspired by other celebrities who proudly joined the Philippine Navy reservist. Winwyn decided to be part of the Philippine Navy reservist just like her friend Rocco Nacino. The Philippine Navy will facilitate Winwyn’s Basic Citizen’s Military Training this year. Interested applicants who wanted to enlist in the reserve force needs to undergo this military course for entry-level.

photo via Winwyn Marquez | Instagram

Winwyn Marquez is also known as Teresita Ssen Lacsamana Marquez. She is an actress in the GMA network, dancer, model, and beauty queen. She is crowned as the Reina Hispanoamericana 2017. She is now thrilled to enter a new chapter in her life. She shared a photo on her Instagram account. The photo showed Winwyn is together with Naval Reserve Command Chief Brigadier General Ariel Caculitan. Rocco Nacino who is now a 3rd Class Petty Officer is also included in the photo.

photo via Winwyn Marquez | Instagram

She also explained her motivation for becoming a naval reservist. Winwyn is focused on her goal to become a naval reservist. She said many people asked why she wanted to do this. She answered them and said she wanted to do it. She said that we should not explain ourselves. We just need to show them that women can do many things.

photo via Winwyn Marquez | Instagram

Winwyn felt grateful to her friend Rocco, who encouraged her and made her realize the beauty of this venture. Winwyn’s ultimate dream is to be a teacher and she achieved this dream. She finished her studies in Southville International School where she received a Teacher Certificate Program. She said that there are so many things in this world.

photo via Winwyn Marquez | Instagram

According to the actress, Southville really changed her life. She is now determined to use teaching to touch other people’s lives. She dreamed of being a teacher as a young child. Winwyn is now close to reaching her goal. She advised people to not stop being curious. The world can teach you many things.

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