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LTO Exam: Things You Need to Know Before Taking the Driving Tests

A driver’s license is an important document of anyone who drives a motorized vehicle. In the Philippines, the Land Transportation Office or LTO is in charge of issuing the driver’s license to anyone as long as he or she passes the driving lto exam.

There are three types of driver’s license such as the student’s permit, the non-professional driver’ license, and the professional driver’s license. The license can be obtained by passing both the practical and written exams.


What Happens During the Written LTO exam

The coverage of the written exam includes general driving knowledge, parking, driving emergencies, lane markings and road signs, driving and handling, and road position.

Keep in mind that the LTO does not provide a lecture prior to the written test that’s why the applicant should first read and familiarize the revised LTO guidelines. The examination is available in either Filipino or English.

The required passing score for the non-professional driver’s license is 30 correct answers and 45 for the professional driver’s license applicant. After passing the written exam, the applicant will proceed to the practical driving test.

LTO Practical driving test

The actual driving test would take about 5 to 10 minutes. The test involves driving straight on elevated and flat road, making tight turns, and parking. The applicant can choose to use his or her own car, an LTO vehicle, or the driving school’s vehicle.

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LTO have been using the demerit point system that starts from 100 points. There are three criteria involve in the scoring system such as:

  • Pre-driving check-up 10 points
  • Driving skills 50 points
  • Observance of traffic rules 40 points

In order to pass the LTO driving exams, the applicant should obtain an intensive training and organized driving lessons from a driving school. Constant driving practice will help to ace the practical exam. As much as possible, you should try different driving situations. In the same manner, you should also take time reviewing the LTO guidelines so that you’ll be familiarized with the road traffic signs and other driving concerns.

Take time and be calm during the practical driving test.

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