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Man Gets Rich Because of His Celebrity Dog, Builds $500,000 Mansion for his Pet

Sylar is a popular Border Collie in Social Media. The dog lives in Beijing’s Shunyi District with his master, Zhou Tianxiao. Before the dog was famous and even before the man had a dog, he was a rebel. He didn’t have a job and he lived under the support of his grandmother. But that was before when he still played a lot of computer games and smoked and drinked. Today, he is the owner of a Sylar who is famous in Social Media. He also made a $500,000 mansion where they both live. The pet paradise and luxury villa has air-conditioned rooms, heated pool, trampoline, a big lawn and a spa.

Sylar is a Social Media star because the pooch has different tricks to show like doing high-five, play dead, jumping on tables and walking like a human. The dog has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and his videos have millions of views. He put their profits in a dog food and toy online store which he manages from e-commerce platform Taobao. Their luxury villa can also be visited for a fee. Dog visitors can go to the spa, have a massage and enjoy the backyard as well as sleep in the air-conditioned rooms.

The fortune they received was put to good use by Zhou. He wanted to use the money to something meaningful as a token of gratitude to his loyal friend Sylar. He said that his life changed when he has Sylar and this new found success encourages him to be a better owner and friend to the dog.

On rest days, Sylar enjoys spa treatments, swimming, relaxing in his bedroom and doing other activities with Zhou. These two are very lucky to have found each other because they helped one another not only to become famous and rich but also to have a meaningful life.


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