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Mariel Padilla Showed How Hardworking Robin Padilla Is, Despite of Having House Helpers.

A lot of times we see our favorite celebrities looking at their very best. We see them posting beautiful pictures of them on their social media account. On Instagram, you’ll see many stars posting pictures of their photoshoots, shopping spree, grandeur vacation, and fancy dinners with their families and friends.


We seldom see our favorite celebrities doing groceries, laundry, or even doing household chores. They usually have personal assistants or maids doing all that stuff for them. Well, wait until you see Mariel Padilla and husband Robin Padilla.


Mariel shared on her Instagram account pictures of her husband doing some household chores. Things that we don’t get to see every day on television. Looking back, the two met when Robin hosted Wowowee and Mariel was a co-host. They dated after, fell in love, and got married in 2010.


During the enhanced community quarantine, Robin was busy planting and renovating the play area of their cute daughter Isabella. Mariel posted some pictures on her Instagram showing Robin and Isabella planting.



“A little before Ramadan started Robin was working on a project. First, it was only to clean the mats of Isabella’s play area because the bats would poop on it. Then he said that this was his unfinished job and decided to paint the protective rubber mats in the play area (they were black and really dusty) so from cleaning, putting the primer, painting on rubber (which is extra hard because we didn’t have proper materials/tools due to the ecq) and cleaning again… Robin did it all.” Mariel said in his post.



Imagine the famous “Bad Boy” of Philippine Cinema cleaning and painting the play area of their daughters. Mariel posted pictures with this caption:

“Some nights he worked alone, some days may tulong… but he really endured all the paint smell and everything. All for Isabella and Gabriela. Today Isabella went to the play area and saw what her dad did for her.”


Doing all of these alone is for sure exhausting, for sure Robin felt that too. But seeing her daughters happy while playing makes it all worth it.

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