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Matteo Guidicelli Fights hor His Love For Sarah Geronimo “Sarah is worth fighting for!”

Sarah’s mother, Mommy Divine didn’t like her daughter having boyfriends. It is known that she disapproves Matteo Guidicelli for Sarah. Matteo promised his now wife that he will fight for their relationship. He said that Sarah is really worth fighting for.

Matteo took the long drive to Lipa, Batangas just to watch Sarah’s concert. Sarah was not familiar with Matteo by that time. Matteo didn’t mind the long line for Sarah’s “Meet and Greet”. He has a big crush on Sarah.

In 2011, Matteo and Sarah worked together in the movie “Catch Me, I’m in Love”. In year 2013, rumors circulated that the two were dating. Sarah revealed that she has very strict parents that disapprove of all her suitors. Sarah announced that she is dating Matteo for almost 1 year in year 2014.

Matteo shared that their relationship was not easy. He said that Sarah fought for her love for him.  Matteo said that Sarah’s parents are very over protective for their daughter. He is proud of how Sarah became independent and learned to be stronger.

Matteo said that he will risk everything for Sarah. He loves her not only because she is Sarah Geronimo. He said that Sarah is a true person behind the cameras and he doesn’t want to lose her. Matteo didn’t open up much for his relationship with Sarah. He only admitted that they are experiencing challenges. Matteo wished to get acceptance from Mommy Divine and Daddy Delfin.

During the Las Vegas concert, Sarah experienced an emotional breakdown in year 2018. Sarah said that she felt empty. Matteo’s Instagram post was obviously for Sarah. He said that he will never leave Sarah’s side.

Many netizens were surprised after Matteo proposed to Sarah. The couple engagement remained secret for one year. Fans are sad because Sarah and Matteo are still waiting for Mommy Divine’s approval. The couple remained strong and decided to fight for their happiness.

Sarah and Matteo got married secretly. Only the groom’s family and the couple’s close friends were present at the wedding. Fans supported the couple’s big decision. They are happy that Sarah has found her true love in Matteo.

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