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Matteo Guidicelli Happily Shared His Married Life With Sarah Geronimo

Matteo Guidicelli happily shared his married life with Sarah Geronimo.

Marriage is sacred. Most people see it as the start of a happy ever after. We smile and giggle every time we witness sweet stories like this especially if it involves our favorite stars.

It’s been 2 months since we heard the famous Matteo Guidicelli – Sarah Geronimo wedding. How are they now?

During a special webinar for a health product promotion last Wednesday, Matteo shared something about her married life.
He said that it’s like an extended honeymoon because of the extended community quarantine.

“being home, being with the family,ako, bagong kasal ako. Being with my wife, it’s also, in a way, a blessing in disguise, na we have an extended honeymoon, kumbaga,” Matteo said.

“Its a time were really locked in our place, and we are getting to know more each other, every single day. That’s the interesting part,” Matteo added.

He said that they also did a lot of adjustments as a married couple. Matteo described his married as great and amazing.

“Bro, i think you should get married too, man. I don’t know, maybe im just in my honeymoon stage. I’m in the beggining of my marriage, but it’s amazing to wake up, sleep beside the person you love the most. It’s amazing”, Matteo added during the promotion.

Matteo got to know Sarah deeper when they lived together. They learned so many things about each other and it made their relationship stronger. Matteo also started reading the bible which for them plays a big help for their marriage.

“It’s a blessing that I found my partnet, kumbaga. There’s so many things we could do together, and so many things we could achieve together,” Matteo added.

He also mentioned that being humble is an important ingredient in marriage. Its something that he and Sarah learned from each other.

“You learn also about humility so much. You’re not always right. The wife is always correct eventhough they’re not. Hahaha!,” Matteo jokingly added. On a serious note, you really learn how to balance, and how to just give in, and just how to agree, just to be patient, just these things.”

Like what we usually say if we see envious-worthy couples, SANA ALL !

Watch the video below:

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