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Meet Anjo Yllana’s Very Beautiful Daughter Mika Yllana, Soon to Enter Showbiz

Andrés José Garchitorena Yllana Jr., popularly known as Anjo Yllana, is a Filipino actor, comedian, host and politician. The 52-year-old comedian is married to Jacqui Manzano and blessed with four children namely Mikaela, Andee, Jaime and Nathan. Now, one of his children is making a buzz in social media because of her beauty and head-turning appeal.


Meet Mikaela Yllana or simply Mika to her friends. She is the first-born of Anjo and Jackie. Many were amazed how she grew up from a cute little girl into a fine and beautiful woman. Judging on her photos online, she is so beautiful and someone who will definitely follow the footsteps of his dad.


Despite her celebrity-looking appearance and numerous followers, Mika doesn’t show any interest in the showbiz industry because she wants to focus on her studies as of the moment. She graduated high school at Miriam College High School and currently in college at Ateneo De Manila University.

Aside from her studies, she also engaged in modeling. If you are one of her followers in one of her social media, you can see how she updated her supporters to things she is busy or working about. She is also close to her family and friends. She always posting pictures with her family or friends, having a good time with them. She always enjoys hanging out with her friends.

Her Instagram account will also let you see how sexy she is. She posted a photo of her wearing a bikini and she’s good in how to project it in the camera. This makes the netizens suggest that she should try showbiz because she has potential and she looks so natural in the camera.


Right now, let’s just be happy for Mika and on the things she sets her focus on. Maybe in the future, she would consider showbiz but if not, let still be happy for her. What matters most is that she do what she is passionate about and what makes her happy as well.

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