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Meet Ejay Falcon’s Very simple and sweet Girlfriend, Jana Roxas

It’s easier to get updates of your favorite showbiz personalities in this day and age. Just turn on your internet, and you can read some of the juiciest news. For those who didn’t know, Jana Roxas is the girlfriend of Ejay Falcon.

photo via ejayfalcon | ig

He shares their love story on Instagram. It’s hard to stay private these days, but some personalities manage it. Ejay is one of them, but he isn’t shy to share when it comes to Jana. The two became a couple in 2017 based on their Social Media posts.

photo via ejayfalcon | ig

Jana is also a showbiz personality. She joined Starstruck. It’s a show from GMA-7, the rival network of Channel 2, which is Ejay’s home network. Though, this didn’t stop them from developing a romantic affair.

photo via ejayfalcon | ig

The two met during the housewarming party of Jana. Someone invited Ejay to come, and the rest is history when he saw her that day. Ejay mentioned to Boy Abunda, a famed showbiz columnist and broadcaster, that Jana is his soulmate. Jana even hosted Ejay’s last birthday party. He turned 27.

photo via ejayfalcon | ig

The two may seem in love. However, Ejay insists they’re not ready to wed. They talk about it, but they want to enjoy each other first before building a family. The two loves traveling. Ejay also shared that there’s no pressure to get married between them. It may be a  fad for showbiz friends, but it’s not yet time for them.

The couple still wants to focus on their careers. They have a long way to go. They can save up for their while they’re still young and earning a lot. Though there are no wedding plans yet, the couple remains in love. They don’t let simple arguments get in the way of their relationship. There are times when they fight, but they see to it that they make up and talk about it.

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