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Meet Jericho Rosales’ Son, Santino with His Ex Girlfriend Model

There was a time when fans were curious if Jericho Rosales had a son with an ex-girlfriend, Kai Palomares. His career was in a full blast at that time. He never confirmed nor denied the rumors.

The truth is he has a son, and his name is Santino. He follows the surname of his dad but is more inclined to modeling than acting. The 19-year-old stunner is as good-looking as his dad.

He looks up to his mom Kai, more when it comes to his career. His mom is a model, thus, Santino is a member of the Model Association of the Philippines as influenced by his mom. Hooray for having star-material parents!

Based on his Instagram account, Santino spends a lot of time with Jericho. The two are close. Yet, Santino said that he didn’t enter showbiz because he wanted to create a name for himself.

Aside from modeling, Santino is also into sports. He plays football and was a member of the varsity team of his school. He also plays with some of the Makati-based Professional Football Association players.

Santino lives with his mom while Jericho lives with Kim Jones, his wife. His parents may not be together anymore, but Kai allows Santino to have a close relationship with Jericho. Kudos for maturity.

Santino had to face a tough situation at a young age. His parents were never married. But, like many adults, they’re trying to give a good life to their son.

Jericho may have started a separate life from Santino and his mom, but he still is a father figure to Santino.

Kudos to Santino for accepting things and being mature even if he’s from a broken family. He didn’t let this modern set-up affect him. He is a brilliant and charming young man like his dad.

The important thing is his parents are there to support and love him no matter what.

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