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Meet Mayor Isko Moreno’s Simple and Loving Wife

The wife of Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno is not very visible to the public even after he won as the top official of the city. Many are unfamiliar with the wife of the Mayor. The First Lady of Manila is very simple and a loving mother and wife to Mayor Isko and their kids. She isn’t like other politician’s wife whom you can see everywhere and has a say in everything, even in running the city.

image credit to pushtv

During the Mayor’s FB Live Post on Facebook while announcing class suspension, his beautiful wife was seen passing by while she was fixing something in the house. She was also seen carrying a chair at one time. Mayor Isko laughingly called her attention and so she peeked and greeting the viewers. She even planted a kiss on the Mayor’s cheeks which made the viewers excited.

image credit to mayor isko

The netizens can’t help but post a comment. A Facebook user, D. Flores, commented that they feel proud for the mayor and reminded him to take care of himself. Another comment from E. Mainit saying his wife is very sweet and may God bless their family. The netizens also noticed that his wife is beautiful.

image credit to mayor isko

Mayor Isko’s wife, Diana Lyn Ditan-Domagoso, is not very visible during his sorties. In his interview in the new program, ANCX with Ces and the City, he explained that his wife runs a business so she is seldom seen. Besides, both of them prefer it that way. Despite his being the father of the City now, they want to maintain an ordinary and simple life. The couple were married in 2000 and have been blessed with five wonderful kids; Vincent Patrick, Frances Diane, Joaquin Andre, Franco Dylan, and Drake Marcus. Having a beautiful & caring wife, lovely kids, and a successful career, what else can the Mayor ask for?

credit: pushtv

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