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Meet The Aussie Woman Who Captured Dennis Padilla’s Heart, Linda Marie Gorton.

Wedding proposals are always sweet and adorable. Many of our favorite celebrities posted their wedding proposals online and many gone viral. Pinoy celebrities like Zoren-Carmina, John Prats-Isabel Oli, and Toni Gonzaga-Paul Soriano made a lot of people thrilled because of their romantic wedding proposal videos. But there are also celebrities who have gone through failed relationships and marriages. Just like Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barreto for example.

Dennis married Marjorie in 1995 and they ended their 11 years relationship last 2006. Dennis found a new love from an Aussie-Pinay beauty, Linda Marie Gorton. After his failed marriage with actress Marjorie Baretto, he dedicated his time to his children and work.

Age doesn’t really matter. Dennis is 20 years older than Linda but they still look good together. They have been together for 9 years now and still, their relationship is getting stronger. But Dennis admitted that sometimes there are many adjustments because of the age difference.

” Well, siyempre yung mga pinapasyalan ninyo, yung mga pinupuntahan ninyo, mas bagets. Natututo nga akong pumunta ng… Ano ba yun? Republiq [disco bar in Pasay]. Hindi ko naman pinupuntahan yung mga gano’n, e. Siyempre, pupuntahan niya yung barkada niya. I have to join. Pag bagets ang girlfriend mo, parang bagets ka rin,” Dennis shared.

The couple has been blessed with three beautiful kids; Rizzi, Maddie, and Gavin. Julia Barretto and her siblings Leon and Claudia accepted their father’s second wife wholeheartedly. Even Marjorie, his ex-wife, was seen very civil with Dennis and Linda when the three met during the Christmas party of talent manager June Rufino last 2009.

“Wala namang ilangan sa kanilang dalawa no’ng magkita sila. Ako nga yung natensiyon, e,” Dennis shared in an interview.

Many people are happy with what happened to Dennis’s love life. Although there are many controversies in the Barreto family, Dennis is still a good father and supporter to his kids especially to her daughter Julia Barreto.

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