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Meet The Beautiful Daughter of Actress Dimples Romana, Now a Young Lady

As parents, we always want the best for our kids. We work very hard just to give them a home, food to eat, and a good education. We want them to grow healthy and became a successful individual someday.



We have many celebrity parents posting pictures of their families and kids on social media. One of them is Dimples Romana. Well, who wasn’t interested to know the personal life of the iconic Daniela Mondragon Bartolome from “Kadenang Ginto.”


Dimples started very young in the entertainment industry. She joined ABS-CBN last 2016 and still an active talent of the same network. She is not just an actress but also an endorser and an author. Her talent in acting is superb that’s why she was given many roles in different TV shows and movies. Last 2019, she was given a project as one of the main character in “Kadenang Ginto”, an afternoon tv drama show with actress Beauty Gonzalez.


The 35-year-old Dianne Marie Romana Ahmee in real life, was born in Parañaque City. She is now married to Romeo Adecer Ahmee Jr. and has 2 kids namely Callie and Alonzo.


Recently, Dimples shared online how she loves her family especially her kids. After being so busy with her projects and endorsement, she has finally taken a break and spent a fun vacation with her family in Finland. She is now more focused on spending quality moments with her family especially with her daughter Callie who will be gone for some time for she will be studying how to become a pilot in Australia.


Dimples is a very proud mom. She knows that her daughter is going away to study and fulfill her dreams. The actress also shared how she felt scared because this would be the first time that they will part ways for too long. But she knows that Callie is responsible and a good child.

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