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Meet The Beautiful Daughter Of Make Up Transformation Guru Paolo Ballesteros, Keira.

Wonder woman, Angelina Jolie, Mariah Carey and Catriona Gray are some of the iconic personalities he copied in his make up transformation videos. Yes, we are talking about Paolo Ballesteros.

Paolo Elito Macapagal Ballesteros IV in real life, now 37 years old is a Filipino actor, comedian, TV host, model and impersonator. His talent was recognized when he joined a contest in “Eat Bulaga” where he is also a co-host until today.

He also appeared in several tv series and movies just like Die Beautiful and the Panti Sisters where he received many good feedback. He also received many awards and recognition for being a good actor and TV host.

Unknown to many people, Paolo has a very beautiful daughter Keira Claire. Although Paolo and his ex-girlfriend is not living together they both love and support their daughter. Her daughter knows his sexual orientation and she’s OK with that. Paolo spends time with his daughter who is now based in Chicago when he can visit.

Even though he is very funny on TV, he said that he is the opposite when it comes to his daughter. He said:

“wala namang pwedeng ibang dumisiplina sa anak ko kundi ako, di ba? So I think I have to do that part bilang isang parent, kasi otherwise paano matututo?”

Paolo spends a lot of time with his daughter if his schedule is free. He likes posting pictures of his pretty daughter on his Instagram account. He posted a picture with a caption:

“Flex ko lang my junakis and my first ever dress made gamet ang sewing machine! Hoooo hirap! Buti nlng ganda ng nagsuot hehehe. Will upload video soon on my youtube channel Pochoy_29 kung pano tinahe.”

He also posted a video of his daughter wearing the gown he made.

Undeniable a good connection between a funny dad and his gorgeous daughter.

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