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Meet the Eldest Daughter of Megastar and Sen. Kiko who Study in New York University for College

Nowadays, many kids show unique talent or intelligence even at a very young age. Celebrity children, on the other hand, inherit the beauty and talent of their parents. Some kids are lucky because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and won’t experience hardships in life. They will get the best education and care from their well-off parents. They won’t go through the obstacles that ordinary people experience just to reach their goals. Frankie Pangilinan, the eldest daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan is one blessed kid. She was born on December 16, 2000.


She is currently one of the famous singers of the Pop genre in the Philippines. Frankie found her niche in the music industry through her Instagram account and she’s a singer/songwriter now. Frankie is an incoming college freshman and her parents are getting a bit sad because the young lady had decided to study in New York. Just like her older sister, KC Concepcion, Frankie wants to study in a prestigious school abroad and get the best education. Before school starts, the family went to the U.S where they met with KC Concepcion so they can bond together.


Sharon admitted that her heart is breaking that Frankie will be away from them but since this will be good for her daughter, she agreed anyway. As the Megastar puts it, although there are good schools in the country they can’t prevent their children from looking for better opportunities. She knows her eldest daughter with Kiko will learn a lot while studying abroad especially being independent. This situation will prove how strong the megastar is because her daughter will be a million miles away from her though this is not quite new to her because her eldest daughter KC studied in a university in France.

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