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Meet The Eldest Pretty Sister of Daniel Padilla, Roanna Padilla.

Just like politics, the entertainment industry has dynastic template where showbiz clan rules. Our local entertainment business became more of a family affair. Famous families like the Padilla, Gutierrez, Cruz, Cuneta, and Muhlach are still making names in the industry for generations.

photo via roana padilla | ig

The Padillas, in particular, possessed handsome, multi-talented, and babe magnet guys in the family. These attributes run in their blood. But did you know that there are also gorgeous and talented women in the family? 

photo via roana padilla | ig

One best example is the half eldest sister of the “Teen King”, the no other than, Daniel Padilla.

Meet Roanna Padilla. While Daniel is the eldest son of the veteran actor Rommel Padilla and Karla Padilla. Roanna is her daughter from his non-showbiz partner Anabelle Antonio. Despite having differences, she is very close to Daniel and to her other half-siblings.

photo via roana padilla | ig


Though she is not famous like Daniel, she earned more than 91K followers on Instagram as of writing. Her Instagram shows that she’s more just having a pretty face. She has a good heart, a compassionate, and helpful lady.

photo via roana padilla | ig


Roanna is seem closed to Daniel’s sweetheart, Kathryn Bernardo. They have a lot of photos together posted on Instagram. We can expect that when she decides to enter the showbiz industry, she will have a lot of friends because she’s a good woman. Of course, people are attracted to an artist who has a good heart, not just a pretty face right?


And Roanna possessed good looks and a heart. She’s certainly has a place in the entertainment industry and people will love her for sure. But let’s not put pressure on her or even compare her to Daniel Padilla. 

Let’s just pray that God will guide her on the path she will take and be happy for it. But one thing is for sure, she will earn the hearts of people.

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