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Meet The Gorgeous Daughter Of Late Paul Walker, Meadow Rain Walker.

One of the stars of The Fast and the Furious film, Paul Walker, loves her daughter Meadow Rain and even had a tattoo of her name. At the age of 40, the actor lost his life in a car accident with his friend and financial adviser Roger Rodas back in on November 30, 2013, when his car crashed at a speed of more than 100mph and burst into flames. Meadow was only 15 years old at that time and he never got the chance to see her grow up into a beautiful woman.

On her Instagram, she recalled his father’s passion and how she wanted to relate that to her passion as well.

“Reflecting on my father, I found myself reflecting on his passions. His passion for the ocean, his passion for rescuing animals, his passion for helping people and his passion for spontaneous goodwill. I wanted to start this foundation because I want to share that piece of him with the world. I want to share that part of him with others. I am tremendously proud to be launching The #PaulWalkerFoundation (@paulwalkerfdn) on his birthday. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my father. #DoGood”

7 years after his tragic demise, Meadow is now 21 years old and making a buzz online especially on Instagram. According to Pop Culture, she is the one continuing the legacy of her father by managing The Paul Walker Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to helping people.

“💙💙We are so happy to announce that we are teaming up with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to provide meals for children during the COVID 19 crisis.💙💙 Please stay home. This protects not only you, but everyone around you. We need to lookout for each other during this time. And all times. Lots of love, Meadow 🦋The link is in my bio🦋 @paulwalkerfdn @lafoodbank #wefeedla”

More than just having a pretty face, Meadow is also a volunteer in various works overseas, reaching out to people and helping those in need. The foundation teamed up with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to provide meals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, she grew up as a smart and beautiful lady inside and out despite having no father on her side.

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