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Meet the Hearththrob in the Making John Maurie Obligacion, Aubrey Miles’ Eldest Son

Being a celebrity is not easy because the paparazzi will always watch what you are doing. Celebrities don’t have enough privacy. Even celebrities are normal people too, they deserve to be happy and have a personal life. Some actors and actresses chose to keep their personal life a secret because they don’t want a messy life. They want to live in peace with their family and away from the judgments of other people.

Aubrey Miles is one of the celebrities who wanted a quiet life. Aubrey is known for starring in films and projects. Aubrey left the entertainment industry for a while with unknown reasons. The truth behind her absence was because she gave birth to her first born named John Maurie Obligacion.

Aubrey wanted to maintain her good showbiz career so she decided to keep her baby a secret. John Maurie is Aubrey’s son to JP Obligacion. Aubrey kept her son a secret for 7 long years because she wanted to get her second chance as an actress. She did this for her son and her own future. She opened up about her son in an interview.

Aubrey said that she doesn’t like to be a stay at home mom. She wanted to work and earn a living because she doesn’t want to ask money from her parents. The actress apologized for denying her son to the public. Many people understood Aubrey’s reasons. Netizens believed that even celebrities should have a private life.

Aubrey is now happy with her family life. She has a complete family with her current partner Troy Montero, their baby Hunter and Rocket. Troy treats John Maurie as his own son and supports his achievements. According to Aubrey, John Maurie wanted to enter showbiz also. With John’s looks, many girls will fall for him.

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