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Megan Young Low-key Birthday Celebration Goes Viral

Megan Young celebrated her 30th birthday on February 27. She didn’t want a grand party and only spent her special day with her husband Mikael Daez. The couple ate a Filipino dish in Megan’s favorite restaurant located in Quezon City.

photo via meganbata | ig

Megan earned the title of Miss World 2013. Megan and Mikael ate a meal together at “Gubat”. “Gubat” is a restaurant with Filipino dishes and located in the University of the Philippines Diliman campus.

photo via meganbata | ig

Megan shared photos taken on “Gubat” during her birthday last February 27. She greeted herself Happy birthday in the caption. She said that she went to eat lunch with her husband on her favorite restaurant in Quezon City. Megan and Mikael were together at the UP restaurant.

photo via meganbata | ig

The celebrity couple chose Filipino dishes served in Banana leaves such as lechon kawali with buro, fish dish, and all-time favorite adobo. Megan and Mikael enjoyed eating using their bare hands and in a Pinoy fashion.

photo via meganbata | ig

Megan said that she loved the restaurant because customers use their hands to eat. They eat in a Filipino way because there are no spoons and fork in the restaurant. She said that she chose her favorite foods like fish, adobo, and lechon kawali. Megan also loved the buro side dish.

photo via meganbata | ig

Megan was thankful and appreciated the staffs of the restaurant. She also thanked her fans for making her simple birthday celebration extra special.  She said that she enjoyed all the foods in the restaurant. Megan thanked everyone who greeted her in her birthday.

Megan Young and Mikael Daez tied the knot on two simple weddings. The civil wedding happened on January 10 while the church wedding was held on January 25. Only their families and close friends are invited on their intimate weddings. The celebrity couple prefer “low-key” celebrations more than grand parties. What is more important is spending time with your loved one.

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