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Michael V. gives Wife the Debut Party on Her 50th Birthday

Singer-comedian Michael V. loves his wife way too much. When she celebrated her 50th birthday, Michael V. surprised her instead with a debut party. He knows that his wife had never experienced a grand debut and so he decided to give her one; a grand one at that. He wanted her to feel the excitement of celebrating a debut. He’s very thankful to those that truly love his wife for gracing the occasion. According to him, some of them lived quite far away while some were given short notice about the event. But this didn’t hinder them from coming and celebrating the special event in his wife Carol’s life.

image credit to Michael V IG

Incidentally, they have also celebrated their silver wedding anniversary recently. He gave a loving message to his wife, saying that even after 25 years of being husband and wife; he knows that they will still go through many trials. He knows that it’s going to be enjoyable because he will be spending it with her.

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Carol is also the manager of Michael V. Their relationship is not perfect and they have gone through many trials but never to the point of ever thinking that they will end the marriage. Just like in any other couple, they too have many differences as individuals. They go through misunderstandings and fights but it’s common to any couple. When the relationship is smooth sailing, he said that couples should just enjoy it.

image credit to Michael V IG

He further reminds the husbands to always listen to their wives; keep their minds open. Most of the time, the wives have their point. Men are usually hard-headed but if they will analyze it, the wives are right. It seems that Michael V. knows how to make a marriage work and he’d been blessed with a happy family life. Men can look up to him as an example of a good family man.

image credit to Michael V IG


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