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Michelle Marquez Dee; Daughter of Melanie Marquez Amazed Netizens for Her Stunning Beauty

Michelle Marquez Dee is the daughter of Model and Beauty Queen Melanie Marquez and Derek Dee. She is a stunning beauty getting the looks and physique like her mother. She is Philippine’s pride for the 2019 Miss World Beauty Pageant. The pageant will happen in London and she is there to try to win the crown and make Filipinos proud. But aside from her beauty, the stunner also made waves on the internet after she posted her national costume made by famed fashion designer, Francis Libiran. Libiran calls his masterpieces “Philippine Sun Princess”. The details are derived from the sun of the Philippine flag.

There is a headdress for the gown which matches the design of the costume. Take note that this Art Deco style is very intricate and a modern version of the flag. The Philippine Sun Princess gown symbolizes the positive and strong nature of Filipinos. It also tells the bravery of the country and emphasizes the Philippine-Visayan Batik.

Aside from her gown, Michelle also featured the Philippine culture and history through the gowns she wears in the events of the beauty pageant. Because of this, netizens and even celebrities can’t help but feel inspired by her costumes. Many were saying that all the costumes she’s wearing look good on her and she is very stylish.

Netizens only have praises for this beauty as she brings pride to the Philippines. The coronation night will happen on December 14, 2019. If Michelle wins, she will be the second Filipina to win the Miss World pageant. The first to win the pageant is Megan Young. Many Filipinos can’t wait for the coronation night and let’s all wish Michelle a great experience and for her to win the crown. Do you think she’ll win the pageant?

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