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Meet The Filipino Couple Who Became Millionaires By Only Using Php100 As Business Capital

For this Filipino couple, starting a business didn’t mean having lots of money but patience and perseverance. This couple who was featured in a documentary show started their business with only Php100 capital. The couple from Batangas shared that they used to work at a restaurant and one day someone offered them a house and lot for sale which they can pay on a monthly basis. The two are minimum wage earners so they hesitated but eventually gave in after thinking that at least they have a property to call their own. The time came when they finished paying for it and decided to stop working from the restaurants.


This is the time when they started their cheap foods business with the money they got. They said they experienced selling many products until they decided to also sell banana que which they sold around town but that venture only brought them Php100.00 – Php150.00 a day. Then they thought of adding siomai to their menu. At first, they sold the siomai together with the other products they were selling but after they noticed that it was really their siomai that people kept people from coming back, they decided to just sell that one food item.

Their siomai business brought them huge profits until it was time for them to buy a bicycle with a bamboo sidecar. They used that for a while until they were able to buy a motorcycle. Their good fortune kept pouring because they were able to buy more motorcycles which their other sellers use. They were also able to pay their loans and today, they earn Php45,000-Php50,000 a day thanks to their hard work. The couple are kind to share how they start and willing to tell the whole nation how to earn good money.

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