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Mommy Rosario Took the “I-Vice Ganda Mo Ko Challenge” With Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda is also known as Jose Marie Borja Viceral. Vice is a 43-year-old comedian-host and actor. The “Unkabogable Star” recently shared a vlog on YouTube that earned many positive comments with his 1.9 million subscribers. On February 27, Vice posted the video called “I-Vice Ganda Mo Ko Challenge” which is consist of 11 minutes. The video showed Vice’s Mommy Rosari who was undergoing a makeup transformation with her son. Vice used his own makeup line called “Vice Cosmetics” for the makeover.

At the beginning of the video, you will see Vice doing his makeup and his mother watching him. Mommy Rosario looked at Vice’s face and said that he looked very beautiful. Vice’s mother suddenly asked him and said, “How to be you po?”

Vice asked Mommy Rosario 3 reasons why she want to look like Vice Ganda. His mother said the first reason is she wanted to become pretty like him. Mommy Rosario said that she wanted to wear wigs and try different hair styles for the first time. The third reason is she wanted to try her son’s makeup “Vice Cosmetics” for the first time.


The fans are happy to watch the video due to its bloopers. Vice also made his mother wear an outfit called “hypebeast”. Vice said that this is the fashion for Millenials. Vice chose the same hairstyle and wig color for Mommy Rosario. They looked like twins!

The fans can’t help but laugh when Vice finished the makeover. The comedian said that his mother doesn’t look like him and looked like another celebrity. Vice said, “Mommy why do you look like Mahal?” You don’t look like Vice Ganda. The vlog earned 1 Million views in just 3 days.

Fans are happy to see Vice and his mother making a vlog. They enjoyed watching the funny reactions of Mommy Rosario. Fans hope that they can see more vlogs of Vice with his mother.

See the full video here:

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