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Early Morning Routine to Have Happy Loving Family

It is said that breakfast is an important meal of the day. It’s because the food you eat can kick start your day.

Working parents who have kids going to school usually find difficulty to manage their time.  The mere fact of sitting down together for breakfast entails a lot of effort. But, eating together will leave a lasting positive impact that will affect the well-being and development of the child.

According to a study conducted at the Washington State University, kids who eat meals with their families have better grades and work well in school.

Here are some tips to ensure that your family will eat breakfast together:

Wake up early

The first thing to do is to wake up early so that you have enough time to prepare your breakfast. Make sure to start preparing the breakfast earlier to avoid rushing in the morning. It may be challenging to rise early, but the extra quality time to spend with your family is all worth it.

Easy-to-prepare breakfast

To save time preparing your meal, the best thing to do is to choose dishes that are easy to prepare. You can prepare a toasted pan de sal and match it with your favorite hot chocolate or coffee.

Turn off devices

As you want to spend quality time with your kids in the morning, it makes sense to request everyone to turn off the devices. Make sure that no device such as mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets are on the table. This way you can interact with each other.

Start a conversation

It is essential to make the lines of communication open with your kids. Allow your kids to talk and share their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and concerns.

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