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Mr. Pogi Jericho Rosales Show His Modern Resort Like Contemporary House

Jericho Rosales is one of the most talented actors here in the Philippine showbiz industry.  He’s been around a long time. From winning Mr. Pogi in the 90s to being in a matinee idol, this guy showed his fans what good acting is like.

He was also part of reel and real love stories.  His exes included Kristine Hermosa, Angelika Dela Cruz, and Heart Evangelista-Escudero. But, he is now married to the love of his life, Aussie-Pinay, Kim Jones.

The two have been married for many years now. They share a laidback house with a modern beach vibe. It’s a comfortable retreat, especially for Jericho, who can relax after pursuing his passions like surfing and motorcycling.

The aesthetic of the design is simplicity. Architect Buji Libarnes designed the house. It’s a white structure that focuses on clean lines, neutral, and wooden elements, and minimalism.  It has a lot of natural lighting, particularly because the couple likes a bright home.

The abundance of windows also allows the breeze to come in. Small nooks can be found throughout the house. It’s where Jericho and Kim can relax and have coffee on their down days.

Buji, who is Jericho’s best friend shared the couple’s house on her Instagram account. She shared a photo of the beach-inspired living room. There’s a woven area rug that completes the native look of that area.

The living room also has a high ceiling making it look bigger and well-circulated. They also have a brick accent wall in the living room showing off many photo displays.

The best part of this house is that it’s pet-friendly. Jericho and Kim have fur babies. Thus, they use easy-clean flooring.

Guests won’t miss the wooden staircase. It’s where one of the small nooks in the house is located.

Being outdoor enthusiasts, the couple has a big outdoor area where they entertain guests. There’s a pool, long table, and wooden benches where they can hang out when they have BBQ nights.

Jericho and Kim are enjoying their life as a couple. Their house is perfect, and they can accommodate many of their friends. Truly, life is wonderful for them!

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