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Netizens Amaze as Angeline Quinto takes Overnight Bahay Kubo Challenge

Angeline Quinto is one of the big names in the music industry. She also acts and hosts on the side. She is an endorser and uses her influence to earn more. But there’s one thing that didn’t change about her. This star remains humble and kind. She was also “game” to live in a “Bahay Kubo”. Angeline gave in to the “Overnight Kubo Challenge”. The famous “biritera” lived in a bahay kubo for one day and one night. Li Ziqi is a Chinese Youtuber. She amassed over 8 million subscribers over the years. Having said that, you could say she is a star in her own right. This Youtuber challenged Angeline. And, she didn’t fail. The star was ready!

Angeline said #liziqi inspired. She added she wants to experience “Buhay probinsya” (life in the province). The photos show how game Angeline was. You can see her going to the market, picking up plants, and eating with her fingers. It was fun for the fans to see her in this light. Did Angeline ace this challenge? Of course, she did! This music star is no frills! She is simple and she mingled with the people in that community.

This viral challenge prompted netizens to admire Angeline more. They were amazed by her simplicity. She didn’t forget that she lived a simple life before showbiz. She was also kind to the people she met. This is why many people look up to her. She didn’t change even with her popularity!

Angeline is a classic example of a simple girl. Sure her personality and appearance changed through the years. But this girl stays humble and kind. You will never hear anything negative about her. Many people love her because she is down-to-earth. Thanks, Angeline for showing us the real you! What do you think of this story?

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