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Netizens Amused with Man who didn’t get Excited over Sue Ramirez

Usually, people get excited when they see a celebrity. Many would do anything just to have an autograph or have a photo taken with a star. They dream of holding them regardless if the celebrity is their idol or not. For most fanatics, it means a lot if they can to do any of these. But this man is quite different. He didn’t get excited even when Kapamilya actress Sue Ramirez embraced and kissed him. The man’s non-reaction to Sue’s playful advances was even caught on camera.


Mary Joy Escorpiso Toronon uploaded the photo of the incident on her Facebook account. It happened during the Higantes Festival in Angono, Rizal where Sue Ramirez was one of the guests. As in most live shows, Sue wanted to entertain the audience and thus she called the man on the viral photo. Unlike most fans, the man didn’t show any excitement and did not react at all. The actress kissed and hugged the man but there was no reaction at all. He was just staring at the audience and wasn’t even moving. Despite the non-reaction, Sue was amused by the man.


The post got 2,000 comments, 12,000 shares, and 9,300 reactions. Many netizens got entertained with the post and some netizens commented that the man probably didn’t react because he has a jealous girlfriend who will start a fight with him if he responds to Sue’s kisses and hugs. Other netizens said that even if a woman is pretty, if she’s not the type of a guy, there would be no reaction. There are others who said that they admire the guy for his not responding to Sue’s actions. Whatever his reasons were, netizens were simply amused at him for not reacting at all. (source)

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