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Netizens are Amazed on how Talented and Practical Neri Naig in Handling Multiple Businesses

Neri Naig isn’t your Star Circle Quest contestant. She’s far from that because she isn’t only married to Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar, she is also a skillful businesswoman! This lady earned her place in the business world.

photo via mrsnerimiranda | ig

Neri uses her Instagram account to post her daily life as a homemaker and businesswoman. She juggles both. For this reason, some folks bash her stating she isn’t good enough to give practical tips about running businesses. Mind you; this lady knows her way. She is running a thrift shop, bakery, bottled anchovies, a cafe, a vacation house, and more.


photo via mrsnerimiranda | ig

She is doing this without the help of her husband, who is also busy running his businesses. With some practicality, dedication, and commitment, Neri is handling money matters herself. She is proud to declare that Chito didn’t give her money to start her businesses. She raised the money herself. Neri is also a hands-on mom to Miggy.

photo via mrsnerimiranda | ig

photo via mrsnerimiranda | ig

Their family is well-off, but Neri insists they don’t spend on unnecessary things. Instead, she tends to her vegetable garden. She grows the food they eat. Some of her Instagram posts show photos of her edible garden. The family also likes to eat healthy foods like a combination of fish and vegetables. No wonder they all stay fit.

photo via mrsnerimiranda | ig

Even with her money, Neri maintains that she only wants her family to stay healthy and happy. She is now building another rest house. She’s also planning to start her spa business this year. Forget what bashers say. Neri Naig is a true businesswoman. She is doing her best to grow her money so she can save-up. Miggy is a lucky boy! Not only is he a well-loved son by the couple. He can also enjoy a financially-stable life. Thanks, not only to his dad but also to his mom.

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