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Netizens Praise a Grade 12 Student Selling Lumpia at School

Photos were uploaded on social media and became viral. Sherydy Valdez Turalba is the owner of the photos. She took photos of her fellow grade 12 student named Sarah while selling lumpia at school. The two are schoolmates of Talavera National High School in Nueva Ecija.

In the photo, Sarah was selling lumpia to her classmates inside the classroom. At first, Sherydy thought that the student is selling food as a school project. But she learned that Sarah needs to sell lumpia to support her daily school expenses.

image credit to Sherydy Valdez Turalba

Thus, Sherydy decided to help by encouraging her schoolmates to buy the foods that Sarah are selling. The former also admires the perseverance and courage of Sarah to finish studies in spite of life’s difficulties.

It is true that not all students are lucky to have enough fund to finance the studies. The truth is, many Filipino students are struggling to meet their financial needs and Sarah is one of them. What makes Sarah admirable is her determination to do something rather than giving up.

She chose to be independent by selling foods otherwise she would drop out of school. She doesn’t even force her parents to give her all she needs. Sarah is a true example of a person who accepts the reality of life.

image credit to Sherydy Valdez Turalba

We know that life is not satisfying all the time. But God will never throw challenges to us that we would not endure. The photos did not only earn thousands of views. Many netizens have post positive comments and shared the photos.

Indeed, the perseverance and determination of Sarah to finish her study would be the key to success. May the story of Sarah serves as a lesson to all the students especially those who are well-supported financially but are not committed in their studies.

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