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Netizens Reacts on Jennylyn Mercado Claims, that Dennis Trillo is a Loyal Boyfriend according to Her

Stories of celebrity couples with a successful relationship is not new to us anymore. Netizens are inspired how celebrity couples make it work despite the challenges in the entertainment industry. They make us believe that true love exists. Meet the celebrity power couple who took the “PEP Challenge” bravely.

Kapuso stars Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo’s honest interview about how well they are familiar with each other had gone viral in social media. The video showed that the couple really knew each other because of their long term relationship. Netizens are aware of the couple’s undying chemistry on-screen.

Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo shared their thoughts with questions such as “What was Dennis’ most expensive gift for Jennylyn?”, “Most unforgettable thing Jennylyn has done for Dennis?”, “What is Dennis’ shoe size”, “What is Jennylyn’s waistline?”, “When did they have their first kiss”, “Who was the most jealous among the two of them”, “Who was the first to say I Love You?”, and more.

The power couple said that Dennis was more jealous in their early years of being in a relationship. They said that they learned to be more mature as years pass by and resolved the issue quickly. Jennylyn and Dennis first became a couple in year 2010 and ended their relationship after one year. Jennylyn and Luis Manzano began dating on 2011 and ended their relationship in year 2013. Jennylyn and Dennis got back together after realizing that they are still in love with one another. Now the happy couple are keeping their relationship strong and private.

The couple worked together in one project back in year 2015. Many fans were happy when reports saying the two are falling for each other. Fans wish that Jennylyn and Dennis will get married and start a family soon.

watch their cool video here | PepPh

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