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Netizens Touched on Vice Ganda’s Surprise to Unknown Fans

Many celebrities share their blessings by giving it back especially to their fans. They are aware that those people are part of the success that they are enjoying. This is why many showbiz personalities try their best to give something back to their followers. This is exactly what box-office star, Vice Ganda did. He surprised his fans by granting their wishes. It may still be a couple of months before Christmas but the Unkabogable star had decided to give his fans early Christmas presents.

The first one to get a present was a fan who posted on Twitter about her disappointment that despite receiving her salary and wanting so much to buy the latest BT21 Collection from Vice Cosmetics, she can’t do so because she has to pay for the tuition fee of her sibling. She shared on her account that since paying for the tuition fee is her priority, she just hopes that by the time she has enough money, the collection is still available.

She tagged Vice on her post and after 3 minutes, Bice told her that he will give it to her for free. The netizen can’t hide her happiness and excitement over the nice gesture of the TV host. She even said that she can’t believe what had happened and wasn’t even able to sleep that night so she reported late for work.

Previously, the TV host had also given a surprise to one of his followers. The netizen requested to have a make-over for her senior ball and asked Vice to consider it as a Christmas gift to which the host obliged. He asked for details such as the venue and what look the netizen wants to achieve. Vice even joked if she would want to look like everyone will go home when she arrives.

The fan was very excited and thankful to Vice for granting her request.

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