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Netizens wowed, as Nadine Lustre Volunteered in Manila Bay Clean Up Drive

Nadine Lustre has decided to be part of the coastal clean up drive for Manila Bay. This is a project of Planet Cora. Antoinette Taus was the one who founded Planet Cora. Planet Cora is an NGO that creates programs to help clean the environment and share awareness about climate change.

Nadine Lustre talked about garbage problem and has given support to the campaign of Greenpeace regarding the single-use plastics. The singer-actress wanted to help protect the Manila Bay and participated in the clean up drive.

Nadine decided to participate in a clean up drive of the Manila Bay. The coastal clean up was initiated by Planet Cora, a non-profit organization “dedicated to creating sustainable programs and projects which are focused on fighting climate change and saving the planet.” It was founded by celebrity Antoinette Taus.

Nadine Lustre wanted to have a productive weekend and care for the environment. She shared her activity in her Instagram account with a caption, “Start your day in the right way. She mentioned on her post that she joined the organization for a coastal clean up. Planet Cora also posted a photo showing a happy Nadine Lustre and her friends. The photo was captioned “Team Nadine”.

ABS-CBN network shared Nadine’s concern with the garbage problem. Nadine is influencing other people to be aware of the environment issues.

Nadine said that she is sad to see the floating trash in the water. She felt bad because she wasn’t able to collect the trash in the water. Nadine planned to contribute in protecting the environment through her followers and fans in social media. She is spreading awareness to many.

Nadine also joined the coastal clean up drive located in Siargao last 2018. She was with former boyfriend James Reid, Lauren, Tom, Kiana Valenciano, and Jack Reid.

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