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Netizens Wowed on JC Santos Love Story Message to Her Beautiful Wife Shyleena Herrera

Are you updated with the latest showbiz scoop? A lot of things are happening now in the entertainment industry. We are lucky to have many social media plot forms available so we can also check what is happening with our idols. Do you want to know the latest about your favorite Kapamilya hunk actor JC Santos?

image via jc santos | ig


John Carlo Abrugar Santos in real life, 31 years old, born on November 19, 1988. He is a theater and TV actor and was seen in various television shows and movies like 100 Tula Para kay Stella alongside with actress Bela Padilla.

image via jc santos | ig


It was a surprise to many fans when they found out that JC married his high school crush Shyleena Herrera last September 2019, and now a father to a cute baby named River Aletheia. Many netizens were moved when JC greeted his wife during Mother’s Day.

image via jc santos | ig


Shyleena and JC met 16 years ago. They went to the same school in Pampanga. JC once told everyone that he has a non-showbiz girlfriend. Later on he also revealed that his girlfriend is a chef. Just like other couples, they both went through hardships, and once their perfect relationship was also tested at some point.

JC also shared that he is very thankful for all the love and support his wife is giving him and their baby. They both sacrificed a lot just to make their relationship work. JC also revealed in some interviews that he and Shyleena broke up last 2018 but managed to fix their relationship. The couple is now happy with their cute baby girl.

image via jc santos | ig


Every relationship is unique. We meet people for many different reasons. Some relationships didn’t have a happy ending, some never worked out. But the love story of JC and Shyleena only proves that love is patient, love can truly wait. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Santos.

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