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Netizens wowed on Robin and Mariel Padilla turns their House into a Giant Playground

When fans get curious about the net worth of their idols, they only have to check out their investments and properties to have an idea. You can see how much a celebrity has saved from their hard-earned money once they share their businesses and dream houses with the public. Celebrities nowadays are very wise with their earnings. They are not contented on just having savings in the bank but they also make sure that they invest a lot on a property and put up their own business as well.



Robin Padilla or the Bad Boy of Philippine Showbiz was one of the biggest stars of the 90s. The movies he made during his prime were blockbusters and though he is not as active now as he used to, it’s quite obvious that he had saved a lot. Although he was well-known as a ladies’ man, one thing Robin can be proud of is his being a responsible father.



His present wife, Mariel proudly shared on her social media account how Robin has turned their house into a kid-friendly zone. He had turned the house into a giant playground much to the delight of their eldest daughter, Isabella. Now that the house was turned into a giant playground, she can play with other kids inside the house.



Mariel was very thankful to her husband Robin for what he had done because she knows that their daughter is the happiest about this. Mariel shared that Robin Padilla was hands-on with the renovation and was even the one giving instructions on what to do. He even personally helped with the renovation. Mariel has recently given birth to their second kid who will be named Gabriella.


When the second child grows a bit, she and sister Isabella will be playing together in their playground together with the other kids.

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