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Netizens Wowed the Old Woman Spotted Reading the Holy Bible outside Her ‘Bahay Kubo’

Is it true that the more you pray, the more God will bless you? For this lola, it seems it is. While people are busy with their careers, hobbies, and relationships; this lola is busy reading the bible. And she gained many admirers for doing so. Everyone should get some inspiration from her. It is okay to want to earn and provide for the family. It’s also nice to buy expensive things. But don’t forget your relationship with God. You can have this by spending a few quiet minutes to talk to Him.

image via Atty Jb Batiancila | Facebook

Atty. JB Batiancila passed by this lola one day. She is reading outside of a dilapidated bahay kubo. The old woman doesn’t mind what her social status is. She is busy reading the Holy Bible. She wasn’t reading outside to gain Social Media attention. The house doesn’t have electricity so she chose to read outside where there is more natural light. The inspired Atty. explained that he thought of his grandma when he saw her. He doesn’t know her. But he is so inspired seeing her considering how people are these days.

image via Atty Jb Batiancila | Facebook

He was reminded of the power of prayers through this person. With this, he wished his FB friends to get closer to God no matter how hard life gets. He also shared his hopes of spreading the simple life and religious habits of the lola.

Most of the netizens who saw this post admired not only the lola but also the Atty. A few minutes a day to talk to God won’t hurt anyone’s schedule. After all, we always talk to Him when we need something. Why not try it even when we don’t need anything? We can thank Him for the blessings and saving us from bad things. We can also share or hopes and even our failures with Him. He listens and He will make sure that even thru the hard times, our prayers will get answers, one way or another.


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