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Newborn Baby Refuses to Let Go When Her Mother Holds Her for the First Time

The bond between a mother and her daughter is exceptional. From the moment a baby is born, especially in baby girls, the deep connection is seen. As the daughter grows and even when she meets new people, go to another place and start a family the love is always there that’s why some daughters say “I am my mother’s daughter” because most mothers and daughters are also best friends.

The woman in the video named Brenda Coelho de Souza gave birth via caesarean section last April 5 in Santa Monica Hospital in Brazil. You would think that this is just another viral video for a pregnant woman who gave birth, only it’s not. This is an amazing video of a small baby holding her mother and refuses to let go. She just came out of her mother’s womb and though she seems healthy she is also still fragile but whenever the doctor’s assistant would try to take her away from her mother she would firmly grip her mother’s face. Brenda, in turn was so happy for this kind of love coming from her daughter.

This video inspired many because of the way it symbolizes motherhood. Being a mother is hard because you have to stay awake most nights to feed your baby, calm her when she’s afraid and other things and you still need to be awake in the day so you can also take care of your baby. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to raise a child. Being a daughter also has its trials especially when in the growing stage because this is the time hen mothers and daughters fight a lot due to disagreements in choosing friends, boyfriends and what to take up in college but having a mother is the best feeling. Real mothers never leave their babies no matter how much they’ve grown and the relationship between a mother and a daughter is forever.


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