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Newlywed Couple Saves Husband after Falling into Volcano

After weeks or months of tiresome wedding preparations, one of the things that a couple will be waiting for is the celebration of their honeymoon. A couple usually spends their honeymoon traveling right after the wedding. If they are well-off they will be spending their honeymoon abroad or anywhere else that they prefer. They will be going to a place that is special to both of them or to somewhere they have been longing to go.

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This is exactly what the newly-married couple from the U.S. did. They hiked to a dormant volcano located on the island of St. Kitts. While hiking the volcano, Clay, the husband, followed the ropes that lead to the crater. Unfortunately, the rope broke as Clay was climbing down. He fell fifteen meters down and his wife, Acaimee had to scuttle down to save him.

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She said that while she was climbing down the volcano, she kept on screaming and calling Clay. She heard him calling back and asking for help. She found him in the crater; bleeding and confused. Acaimee then guided him out and they hiked for about six kilometers. It got really scary for her and she considers it the hardest day of her life. She would have probably never thought that the honeymoon spree will end this way.

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Being able to come out from the volcano and walking to safety didn’t end their troubles yet. Clay would be needing UDS30,000 for his medical flight but their insurance didn’t want to pay for it. Fortunately for them, their respective families and friends were able to raise the funds to enable them to fly back to the United States. They are just so overwhelmed with the gesture of family and friends. They couldn’t have made it back home if not for their help and support.

image credit to abc news


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