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Nico Bolzico Shares Sleepless Nights with Solenn to Take Care of Their Baby

Baby Thylane celebrated her three months in this world with her loving parents. Bolzico has a Youtube channel where he shares his life with his wife and baby. He mentioned that their baby doesn’t sleep a lot, but they’re trying their best to make her feel comfortable. In his video, “struggle is real,” Bolzico said that it’s a challenge to make their baby sleep.

Although excited about fatherhood, Bolzico worries that Thylane won’t sleep “seven days in a row.” The longest no-sleeping days for Baby Thylane was 30 days! Because of this, Bolzico showed his followers his eyebags.

The couple is already seeing a doctor, but Bolzico understands that taking care of a bay is a serious business. The fact is, he is already preparing to lose sleep the whole year!

Netizens who don’t know Bolzico that well might believe him, but his followers know he is up to something. In his caption, he clarified that he is only exaggerating the story to catch everyone’s attention!

Indeed, the couple has a nurse to take care of Thylane at night! Ah, another Bolzico trick if you must ask. He said that he only wants to goof around, hence the video.

Thylane is a peaceful baby with a night nurse looking out for her. Solenn takes care of her during the day. Bolzico also added that Solenn does 94% of taking care of Thylane, and he is only there for decoration. He ended it by saying that aside from being decorations, husbands must always comply with their wives, no questions asked.

Bolzico is a comedian. It’s no wonder that Solenn fell in love with him.  It seems that the couple is living a blissful life with their baby. Congratulations to the beautiful family!

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