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Not only Talented but with Brain, Darren Espanto Graduates with Honors

Many celebrities don’t get to finish their studies because of their busy schedules. Juggling from school and showbiz commitments is not an easy feat so you will admire those that have a desire to get themselves a degree in college. Darren Espanto will be graduating from senior high school soon. He is one of the few celebrities who was able to balance his time between school and his singing career. Despite the busy schedule of the teen singer, he was able to finish high school with honors. During his guesting at Tonight with Boy Abunda, the singer told Tito Boy about his plans for the future and this includes going to college.

photo via darren espanto | ig

He plans to either pursue a course in the medical field or learn more about the industry. Boy Abunda was impressed with the achievement of Darren and thus asked the young singer how he was able to do that. Darren said he doesn’t know but he’s very thankful that he has tutors who helped him finish high school. He added that he graduated from Grades 11 and 12 with honors. Darren’s very happy that he’s doing what makes him happy and that is singing. He’s also very pleased that while doing what he loves, he is able to continue his studies.

photo via darren espanto | ig

The TV host asked him if he’s going to take a break from the industry now that he’s about to enter college but Darren said that he will be looking for schools that won’t have a conflict with his career. Darren wants to pursue a degree in the medical field just like his parents but because he’s in the industry he also wants to take up something that will make him learn more about it. This young singer is admirable. Although he’s already quite successful in his field, he still wants to have something to fall back on.


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