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OFW sung Dance with my Father and Everyone Had Teary Eyes to His Heartbreaking Rendition

The song “Dance With My Father” is one of the favorites of many people to sing. Maybe because of the beautiful and meaningful lyrics that anyone can relate.

A video was uploaded in the social media wherein an OFW is singing the song “Dance with my Father” in Tagalog version. The lyrics of the song are about the happy memories of a child growing up with his mother and father.

This is an emotional song and being sung by an OFW makes it more heartbreaking. Knowing that OFWs are experiencing terrible homesickness being away from their families is a big sacrifice. Most of the time, they missed important events in the lives of their children. In fact, many children of OFWs don’t have happy memories of childhood particularly if either of the parents is working abroad.

Losing someone who is very close to you is never easy. In the song, Vandross is reminiscing about precious memories he had with his father. Perhaps, the OFW who sang this song also feels what Vandross had felt. Being away from his family and children is never an easy thing.

Definitely, most fathers would want to be with their children as they grow up. But, there are times that the circumstances would necessitate us to work abroad and leave our family. This is just one of the sacrifices of being away just to give our family a decent life.

To cover up all the sacrifices, the families of OFWs should have constant communication to relieve the homesickness. In addition, the few lines in the song explain about the deep impact and how important a family in our lives.

It is said that life is too short. That’s why while we are still with our parents we should show them and let them feel how much we love them. This way, when the time comes that they leave us, we won’t regret that we’re not able to express our love to them.

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