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Ogie Alcasid Becomes Regine’s Makeup Artist on Her latest Video

Regine Alcasid, the “Asia’s Songbird” is always a constant figure in Philippine showbiz. People look up to her especially her voice. She sang many songs and had successful albums. She also became a household name for acting in several films and being a co-host for variety shows. The singer has her Youtube channel where she shares her life in and out of the limelight. For her latest vlog, she invited her husband Ogie Alcasid. This is due to the requests of her followers.

The singer-songwriter happily obliged the requests of fans and his wife. He became a makeup artist to his wife for that episode. Ogie used BYS make up for the segment. It’s the makeup brand Regine endorses. He acted as if they were in a salon and viewers’ comments were hilarious for the two. Ogie created a smokey eye “concert look” for her.

He prepped her “no-makeup look” face. The singer answered comments as they have fun coloring her face. One fan asked if Regine have some famous celebrities in mind to collaborate with. She answered that now she’s in ABS-CBN made her realize that she wants to work with many more talents. Proof of this is her recent concert with the Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

After her make-up session with Ogie, Regine finds out how she looks. She couldn’t contain her laughter after seeing what Ogie did. He painted her eyebrows using black eyeliner and put a long wing tail which made her laugh even more. He glued her eyelashes the wrong way that almost shut her eyes close. Regine does her makeup even in concerts. But she still loved what Ogie did and was thankful that he graced her Youtube channel. Fans also loved this episode. Many of them said that they were feeling down but the show made them feel better.


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