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Old Couple Proves that True Love Conquers All Really Heart Touching Moment

Who would not want to have a forever love? Every one of us wants to have someone to whom we can grow old with.

As it is cited in the marriage vows, the couple commits to living together “for better or worse, for richer or for poorer, and in sickness and in health”.  But, not all married couples end up together till death. Lucky are those who were given the opportunity to live together throughout life.

The love story of the old couple whom the video was uploaded in the social media proves that true love conquers all. Their story is an example of eternal love as they chose to stay in love and remain faithful until the end.

The husband is in a hospital struggling and fighting for life, his wife relentlessly stayed by his side. In spite of uttering words in a very soft voice, their actions show that they were expressing love for each other. As the old man is gasping for breath, he’s still responding to his wife. Caressing her face has made them both emotional.

The way the old woman gave care to her husband showed her devotion and deep affection. It seems like the long years that they have been together being not enough. It is still evident in their sweet actions that they still miss each other.  Their relatives who were with them in the room were not only got emotional. Such a touching moment is a great lesson to behold.

Watching the video will surely break your heart. But, in the end, you will realize that this couple has held on to their marriage vows until the end. How lucky they are to have each other in spite of the fact that they know one of them would be leaving soon.

Indeed, true love is a manifestation of loving a person in spite of many difficulties and trials that abound in a relationship. May we all learn a lesson from this video that sharing an amazing love with the person whom you commit to love forever is all worth the pain.

Watch the heart warming video here | Facebook

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