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Once Known Filipino Artists Who Seek Help From their Fellow Artists

Famous actors and actresses earn a huge amount of money from commercials, movies, and other projects. But some celebrities didn’t last in the industry and eventually experienced hardships in their personal life. The only option they got is to ask help from their fellow celebrities. Here is the list of celebrities who had no choice but to seek help from other artists.


Binibini Gandanghari’s original name is Rustom Cariño Padilla. He was a Filipino transgender actor, director, and comedian. According to his brother, Robin Padilla, BB Gandanghari is currently an Uber driver in America. He said that both of them had a close relationship when they were younger.


In year 1980s, Deborah Sun gained popularity as an actress. She revealed that she was facing challenges in her life during one interview in 2015. Deborah became part of drug controversies that changed her life permanently.


Mystica was a popular singer before. She created novelty songs and earned P 150,000 every month. She also managed a hotel. She accumulated many properties and cars but lost everything because of debts. She revealed that she was facing financial problems that made her ask for help.


Jake Zyrus was also known as Charice Pempengco. She is a famous Filipino singer due to her high vocals. She had a gender transition from female to male. She had to undergo expensive treatments for his transition which left her massive debts. Eventually, she lost almost all of her properties and assets.

People should learn to cherish the blessings before they are taken away. Nothing is permanent in the world except change. Learn to be thankful for what you have and do not take things for granted. Remember that some people are not as lucky as you are.


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