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One of the Beautiful Face in Showbiz, Beth Tamayo Shares Life After Showbiz on Social Media

One of the most beautiful faces that graced the Philippine showbiz industry is Beth Tamayo. For a time, the tisay actress was a household name. She juggled showbiz and her studies while in a relationship with Nino Muhlach.

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She was a cast in many Pinoy films like Pedrito Masangkay: Walang Bukas Iniwan in 1994, Proboys in 1995, and Anak ng Pasig in 1993. She was in Esperanza, a hit ABS-CBN primetime teledrama with best friend Judy Ann Santos. The last TV show she was in is Luna Mystika, a GMA Network drama series in 2009.

image via bethtamayo21 | ig

She married Johnny Wong in 2004 before she quit showbiz. The guy is a rich Chinese businessman, but they separated in  2014. The former couple lived here in the Philippines while Beth continued acting.

After that, Beth chose to live showbiz and go to the US. She took odd jobs when she came to New York as she was already separated when she went there. A friend took her in for eight months.

image via bethtamayo21 | ig

Beth worked as a cashier for Victoria’s Secret shop. She also tried babysitting for a Colombian family with two children. She worked hard until she was hired as an Executive Assistant for the Government of Singapore Investment or GSI in New York. She got transferred to San Francisco and has been living there since.

image via bethtamayo21 | ig

Beth is a marathoner. She has joined prestigious marathons in New York, Chicago, Boston, New York, Berlin, and London.

Today, Beth is engaged to Adam Hutchinson, an employee at Google. They got engaged on October 13, 2019.

image via bethtamayo21 | ig

So, contrary to what others think, Beth is very much alive. She clarified that she ain’t the Elizabeth Batian who got executed in China.

The rumors spread in 2011 and fans were devastated thinking she was in some trouble. But, she is well and just living a simple life aways from intrigues.

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