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Other Ways to Know the Gender of Your Baby Without Having Ultrasound

In recent research conducted, it was found out that the gender of the baby greatly affects the immunity of the pregnant woman.

We know that as the due date of the baby is approaching, the expectant parents want to know the gender. Some may use the gender-predicting calendars while others prefer an ultrasound. There are instances in which the appearance of the pregnant woman is the basis for determining the gender of the baby.

image credit to feedfond

image credit to feedfond

A group of researchers from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center held a study. It is true that the body of the woman may react differently depending on the gender of the baby. In the study, they observe the level of cytokines. They exposed the cytokines to bacteria and cross-referenced depending on the sex of the baby.

The researchers found out that the cytokine levels of pregnant women were the same whether the baby is a girl or a boy. However, a pregnant woman carrying a baby girl has cytokines that produce more inflammatory cells. This means that the inflammatory response of a woman carrying a baby girl is more heightened when the immune system is triggered. The heightened inflammatory response is associated with developing symptoms such as asthma in which the pregnant woman tends to experience.

Throughout the pregnancy, the woman’s body faces immune challenges. As much as possible, a pregnant woman must have a healthy immunity. To promote healthy immunity, it is necessary to exercise and eat healthy and nutritious foods.

You may use any process to determine the gender of the unborn baby. The important thing to note is to ensure that the mother is healthy and the baby as well. After all, a baby is a blessing regardless of gender.

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