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Owner of Alibaba Jack Ma Reveals How He Became a Billionaire

Jack Ma is the billionare behind Alibaba. Before he was rich, he tried looking for a job at KFC. He underwent lots of struggles before he reached where he is today. The Chinese billionaire grew his empire from his tiny apartment. He built his empire by first talking to his 24 friends. They talked for two hours but his friends are not convinced so out of the 24 who came, 23 told him that it wasn’t a good idea and that he didn’t have the capital for it. They gave him plenty of reasons not to pursue then the only person who encouraged him was working at a bank and told him that he has to try if he really wanted to do it. The friend told him that he could always go back to what he was doing if things didn’t go well.

He followed his heart against the odds. He went through his idea even if his family and friends didn’t agree. He said that what motivated him the most is the thought that if things didn’t go as planned, he could always go back. He went through the business eventhough he didn’t know a thing about internet that time. He also mentioned the quote of T.E. Lawrence which meant that there are people who really go for their dreams and there are some who don’t act on it but the greatest dreamers who take actions may find their dreams coming true.

He encourages everyone to believe in themselves and stay focus. He also said that you have to fend for yourself because when hard times come, it’s up to you to take charge and overcome the obstacles. He also said that at the end of the day, no one will be there for you so you must help yourself. He said that reaching the age 35 means that you should already have some accomplishments or else everything is wasted.

Jack Ma also mentioned what are the common reasons why some people at age 35 are still poor. These are the reasons.

  • You are narrow-minded
  • You ignore opportunities
  • You lack understanding
  • You are slow when acting on your dreams
  • You lack ambition
  • You lack desire to thrive
  • You have no foresight
  • You lack courage

Jack Ma also shared what strong ambition can do for you

  • It can help you in your struggles with inferiority
  • Helps you reach your potential
  • Helps you persevere
  • Helps you to want to learn new things
  • Helps you do the impossible and turn it into something spectacular
  • Helps you see yourself clearly when other can’t


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