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“Parang Pinagpalit Ako ng Mama mo sa Pangarap mo…” Kathryn Bernardo’s and Father Gets Emotional in Their Latest Q and A Video

To every father, a daughter is a precious princess of his life. And as they grow older and have their own power to make decisions, it truly causes emotional anxiety and sadness to some dads.

It happened to one of the most famous actresses of the ABS-CBN that is most loved by many for her inspiring roles and versatility in acting from a few of her latest movies “Barcelona”, “The How’s of Us”, and “Hello, Love, Goodbye”.

Just like others, the actress has also her vlof on YouTube, and in one recent video that she posted, Kathryn couldn’t help but be emotional during her interview with her father. It was the first time that she did it in public.

In most of her vlogs, Mommy Min, her mom had several appearances and the most visible parent joining in the videos since her father stays farther from them as he manages their business in Cabanatuan City.  But, on her last vlog, she had one very special guest-Daddy Teddy.

Kathryn was very happy that finally she was able to convince his father in a “tell-all” interview that turned out to be very emotional.

Of course, included in the discussions was about Kathryn’s relationship with actor Daniel Padilla. The actress was 16 years old when she admitted to her father the relationship with Daniel. When asked about his reaction, “Halo — takot, tuwa. Sabi ko, mukhang okay naman siya (Daniel), mukhang totoo naman. Kasi wala ka namang magagawa. It’s all up to them.”, said daddy Teddy.

“Lalo na ngayon, they’re at the right age. Nakita ko, mukhang maganda naman ang relasyon nila,” he added.

The interview became intense when the actress asked her father about the greatest sacrifices he did for them.

“Ang pangalawang sakripisyo, yung hinayaan ko kayo na nandito lang sa Maynila,” said daddy Teddy. If was a challenge to her father since the family moved to Manila to pursue Kathryn’s career in showbiz.

“Hindi ko talaga maiwan ‘yung Cabanatuan. Nandito kayong lahat sa Manila, nandoon lang ako mag-isa. Parang pinagpalit ako ng Mama mo, pinagpalit n’yo akong mga anak ko sa mga kagustuhan n’yo,” he explained.

Daddy Teddy recalled that he needed to give up their investments to build a house in Manila so Kathryn could focus in showbiz.

Nevertheless, he was also happy that his daughter is successful and had helped the family so much.

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