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Paul Soriano Answered Why He’s Wearing same OOTD Style

Celebrity couple Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano are just one of the power couples in the industry today. They may be in the same industry but they are successful in their respective fields. Toni Gonzaga is known as the ultimate multimedia star while Paul Soriano is one of the respected directors in the movie industry before they got engaged and eventually got married. It’s no wonder that both of them have their own followers. They have been blessed with a cute son, Seve, whom the couple’s followers have felt.

Aside from her TV commitments with ABS-CBN, Toni is also busy with her vlog. She usually features her family life in her videos and the latest one featured her husband, Direk Paul. The video was entitled, “Questions I have never asked Paul”. The first question Toni asked her husband was why he wears the same outfit every single day and if that’s his uniform.

Many netizens have been wondering why Paul had been wearing an all-black OOTD ever since he started in the business.  Direk Paul replied that he doesn’t wear it as a uniform but rather, he just feels comfortable with his OOTD. Another thing, he also doesn’t have to waste time to think about what he has to wear for the day.

Another question that Toni asked Direk Paul was why he always wears caps. That’s another thing that many followers noticed too, Direk Paul is always wearing a cap even in TV interviews. According to the director, he doesn’t wear caps because he is conscious of his hair but because in doing so, he won’t have to fix his hair. He even showed his hair and Toni said that her husband’s hair is thick. The video showing a wife interviewing her husband is kind of amusing and cute.


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