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How to Avail the Free PCSO Individual Medical Assistance Program

PCSO Individual Medical Assistance Program – People said that getting sick is very expensive. Good for those having health card or health insurance, but what about those who don’t have?

The medications and hospital bills are burden and situation aggravates if you don’t have health insurance. Good news for those less fortunate because they can seek medical assistance from the PCSO. The PCSO is providing medical assistance program that include medicines to qualified indigent family.


Through the Individual Medical Assistance Program created by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, indigent individuals who are in dire urgency for medical health assistance can go to the PCSO.

Who qualifies for IMAP or PCSO Individual Medical Assistance Program

To qualify for the Individual Medical Assistance Program, an individual must meet the following conditions:

  • The patient is admitted in a health facility
  • Outpatient, yet receiving health care management
  • Seeking health care management in foreign countries provided that the Philippines has no health facility that provide the needed process

Basic requirements for PCSO Individual Medical Assistance Program

An indigent individual who will apply for medical assistance must secure and submit the required documents such as:

  • Guarantee Letter addressed to the hospital, pharmacies, diagnostic laboratories, and other healthcare facilities
  • Duly completed PCSO IMAP application form
  • Valid ID (government issued ID) of the patient and the representative
  • Original copy of medical certificate or updated medical abstract signed by a licensed doctor along with the PTR number
  • Personal/authorization letter indicating the illness and the reason of requesting for financial assistance. The letter must be addressed to the general manager of PCSO

What are the coverages of IMAP / PCSO Individual Medical Assistance Program

The health services covered by IMAP include the following:

  • Confinement – The individual must be currently admitted or discharged from the health facility and bearing a promissory note signed by the facility.
  • Dialysis – This include hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.
  • Cancer treatment – The coverage is not limited to chemotherapy.

For inquiries about the free medical assistance provided by PCSO, you can visit the nearest PCSO branch in your area. You can call the PCSO Charity Assistance Department with contact number (02)426-3735 or (02)9217-608.

For Medical Services Department, you can call (02)441-2612 or (02)441-2076 or (02)441-2065 or (02)441-2081.

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